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Vynckier Enclosure Systems

Vynckier Enclosure Systems

From small, hand held pushbutton enclosures to large free standing cabinets, Vynckier offers a large variety and inventory of non-metallic products.


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APO Series Enclosures
7" X 6" to 24" X 24".
VJ Series Enclosures
7" X 7" to 19" X 17".
ARIA Series Enclosures
12" X 8" to 41" X 33".
POLYSAFE Series Enclosures
20" X 20" to 49" X 39".
Series 55 Enclosures
118" X 5" to 168" X 7".
VM Series Enclosures
5" X 3" to 7" X 7".
4.33" x 4.33" x 1.93"

size in high quality thermoplastic.

Range in size from from

13" x 17" to 44" x 56"
with varying depths.

General Accessories
5" X 3" to 7" X 7".


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