Phaseda - Rocker Switches - RL1-3 Series

 The RL1-3 series rocker switch has high rating with UL, cUL and VDE approvals. It snaps easily into the industry standard panel cut-out: 0.433 x 1.181" (11.0 x 30.0mm). The switch is SP with many functions, like ON-OFF, ON-ON, ON-OFF-ON, momentary On etc. Also it has illumination in red , green , amber and other colors. PVC cap provides protection against water and dust. This switch is fully compliant with RoHS.

Double Pole version, go to RL2-3 series



15A 125VAC, 7.5A 250VAC, UL, cUL
16(4)A 250V~ T125 1E4, VDE
16(8)A 250V~ T125 1E4, VDE
Electrical life: Over 10,000 cycles
Mechanical life: Over 50,000 cycles

Body: PA66
Actuator: PA66, PC for illuminated lens
Contact: Silver Alloy
Terminal: Silver plated copper
RL1-3 Spec sheet (pdf file)

Some frequently used Part Numbers:

  • RL1-31R2WBB1 SPST, ON OFF, 15A 125VAC, black body/actuator, white I O marking, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-31R2WRB11 SPST, ON OFF, red illuminated , 15A 125VAC, white I O marking, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-31RRB1 SPST, ON OFF, 15A 125VAC, black body/red actuator, no marking, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-32RBB1 SPDT, ON ON, 15A 125VAC, black body/actuator, no marking, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-31R2WGB11 SPST, ON OFF, green illuminated , 15A 125VAC, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-31R2BWW1 SPST, ON OFF, 15A 125VAC, white/white, black I O marking, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-31DRB11 SPST, ON OFF, red LED effect len , 15A 125VAC, 0.250" Q.C
  • RL1-3 Cap PVC cap for dust and water protection

Build your own part number