Power Dynamics - Power Cord Sets

Power Dynamics, Inc Power Cords are available for all countries including the United Sates, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Japan and many more. Jacket types include SVT, SJT, SPT, H05VV-F, water proof and oil resistant. All power cords are compatible with Power Dynamics IEC 60320 connectors. Hospital grade cords are available for many countries. All power cords carry applicable safety agency approvals..

American Cord Sets
10060, 10087, 1162H Hospital, 10088, 10090, 10092, 10095, 10096, 10086, 10084, 10082, 10080 and CRC-1 Clamp.
International Cord Sets
12013 European, 12060 European, 13012 Swiss, 14012 English, 14512 Italian, 15012 Australian, 16012 S. African, 18012 Danish, 19012 Japanese and 10078.
Rewireable IEC Connectors
42R04-X3XX, 43R01-X3XX, 42R04-X1XX Left, 43R01-X1XX Left, 42R04-X2XX Right and 43R01-X2XX Right.