Power Dynamics - Battery Holders

Power Dynamics Inc. complete line of battery holders for use with 1/2AA, 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, N & coin cells are made from rugged impact resistant thermoplastic and high quality plated contacts & springs in various configurations for a secure and reliable connection. Available in screw or flange panel mount, base mount and PCB mount. Terminations include solder, snap, printed circuit pins and wire leads. Coin cell holders are available in both thru-hole and surface mount types.

Coin Cell & N
PDI-2032-X, PDI-2325-X, PDI-2425-X and PDSN-25.
B34, PDSN-24, PDSN-41-1, PDSN-44-2.
B11/1, B27, B35, PDSN-10, PDSN-11, PDSN-12, PDSN-13, PDSN-18, PDSN-19, PDSN-21, PDSN-22, PDSN-23, PDSN-26, PDSN-36-2 and PDSN-38-2.
B1/1, B36, PDSN-14, PDSN-20, PDSN-21-1, PDSN-24-1, PDSN-24-2, PDSN-24-3, PDSN-24-4, PDSN-26-1, PDSN-28-1 and PDSN-28-3.
B16, B37, PDSN-11-1, PDSN-12-1, PDSN-14-1, PDSN-14-2, PDSN-16-1, PDSN-18-1 and PDSN-18-2.
B23, B26 and B33.
PDSN-1, PDSN-2, PDSN-3, PDSN-3-1, PDSN-4, PDSN-5, PDSN-6, PDSN-8 and PDSN-9.