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IEC320 Power Entry

All products are designed in accordance with the international IEC320 standard "Appliance couplers for household and similar general purposes". Today IEC320 couplers not only connect household appliances but also a wide range of electronic and electrical equipment like computers, medical devices, office machines, telecom equipment and even industrial equipment.

The European Committee for Electro-technical Standardization (CENELEC) adopted the IEC recommendation to the European standard EN60320. Other national approval agencies harmonized their national standards accordingly (e.g. DIN VDE 0625 in Germany). North American agencies still test and approve according to national rules. Their standards differ from the IEC and EN regulations mainly in terms
of electrical ratings and temperature rating.

United States Canada
UL498 "Attachment Plugs and Receptacles" CSA C22.2 No.42 "General Use Receptacles, Attachment Plugs and Similar Wiring Devices"
Equipment Classes: Couplers for Class I equipment (grounded) Couplers for Class II equipment (ungrounded)
Voltage Rating: Standard rated voltage per IEC is 250V AC
Current ratings: max. 6.3A, use of fuses perIEC 127-2 recommended. Double fusing is not permitted in North
America. However, in Europe it is a must on medical equipment.
Temperature Ratings: Temperature ratings refer to the contact temperatures. Appliance couplers complying with the IEC
standard are suitable for use at ambient temperatures not normally exceeding 25°C, but
occasionally reaching 35°C.
Cold conditions Hot conditions Very hot conditions
pin temperatures not exceeding 65°C pin temperatures not exceeding 120°C pin temperatures not exceeding 155°C
Body: Polyimide nylon 6 (PA6)
Terminals/Screws: brass, nickel plated

IEC320 Power Entry





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