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IDC Mass Termination Connectors

 C1F Series [PDF] - .100 Pitch Socket
 C2F Series [PDF] - IDC D-Sub Connectors
 C3F Series [PDF] - Centronics Ribbon
 C4F Series [PDF] - .100 Pitch Two Row Transition
 C5F Series [PDF] - Two Row DIP
 C6F Series [PDF] - IDC Card Edge
 C7F Series [PDF] - 2.00 mm Pitch Socket
 C8F Series [PDF] - .050" X .100" Pitch High Density Socket
 C9F Series [PDF] - Male Plug With Mounting Ear Option
 C11F Series [PDF] - 2.00 mm Pitch Two Row Transition
 C12F Series [PDF] - .100" Pitch Four Row Transition Connector
 C13F Series [PDF] - Male IDC Plug With Latches
 C14F Series [PDF] - .050" X .100" High Density Socket With Metal Latches
 C15F Series [PDF] - Female SCSI III
 C15F Series [PDF] - Male SCSI III
 C16F Series [PDF] - High Density Four Row Transition for .025" Pitch Flat Ribbon Cable


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