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Century Interconnect - Board To Board Connectors - 1.27mm Pitch

Century Interconnect Products - Board To Board Connectors - 1.27mm Pitch

Adapters, Cable Connectors, Cord Set Connectors, Subminiature D Connectors, High Density Connectors, Integrated Circuit (IC) Connectors, Printed Circuit Connectors, Ribbon Cable Connectors, Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Connectors, Surface Mounted (SM) Connectors, Cord Sets, Integrated Circuit (IC) Sockets, Flat Cable Connectors, Multi-conductor Connectors, Electrical Sockets available from Century Interconnect Products.



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C12HDS [pdf]
Pin Header, Through Board.
C13HDM [pdf]
Pin Header, Surface Mount.
C14HDS [pdf]
Pin Header, Dual Insulator, Through Board.
C15HDM [pdf]
Pin Header, Dual Insulator, Surface Mount.
C17H Series [pdf]
Pin Header, Shrouded, Through Board.
C18H Series [pdf]
Shrouded Surface Mount.
C27H Series [pdf]
Pin Header, Right Angle, Through Board.
CPRA Series [pdf]
Receptacle, Through Board.
CPRAS [pdf]
Receptacle, Surface Mount.
CPRASP [pdf]
Receptacle, Polarized, Surface Mount.
CPRASL [pdf]
Receptacle, Top / Bottom Entry, Surface Mount.
C613R [pdf]
Receptacle, Side Entry, Through Board.
C22H [pdf]
Pin Header, 1.27mm x 2.54 mm, Through Board.
C23H [pdf]
Pin Header, 1.27mm x 2.54 mm, Surface Mount.
C600H [pdf]
Pin Header, 1.27mm x 2.54 mm, Right Angle, Through Board.
CPRC [pdf]
Receptacle, 1.27 mm x 2.54 mm, Through Board.
CPRCS [pdf]
Receptacle, 1.27 mm x 2.54 mm, Surface Mount.


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