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Wire Ferrules

Wire ferrules are used to terminate stranded wires, for use with European style terminal blocks. American Electrical has the widest selection in North America.  Our ferrules are also made for twin wire, on reels, in strips, for extra long applications and for wires with thick insulation. We cover sizes from 28 AWG to 500MCM.
AEI is the only company in the USA that stocks three separate color codes for insulated wire ferrules - DIN, T and W. There is no difference other than color for a given ferrule of the same AWG size. The DIN (Deutche Industrie Normen - German) code is the most widely used and accepted.
The T code was a French code designed by Telemechanique and the W code another European code developed by Weidmuller. Both Telemechanique and Weidmuller do not manufacture wire ferrules.






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Strip And Reel


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